No Oscar, NO! (softcover #1)

Oscar the dog is ever so naughty; eating everyone's dinner, chasing the ducks and the postman too! Even so, his bet friend, Alfie, is determined to teach him to be a good dog so that he can stay with him. How will he ever manage it?

"No Oscar, NO!" is a heart warming tale about two best friends, written and illustrated by artist and mother, Rose Hannah Button.

"No Alfie, NO!"

Following the chaos of a week in the life of Alfie, a toddler with a cheeky streak who's learnt a few tricks from his naughty dog Oscar. Alfie is bored with his Mummy's every day tasks so finds fun in causing trouble but Mummy finds a way to turn work into a game. Follow Alfie and Oscar again in this fun and engaging tale filled with learning and enjoyment for parent and toddler a like.

Activities with Alfie & Oscar

Join in the fun with Oscar and Alfie in this special activity book created to accompany "No Alfie, NO!". Keep the little ones entertained for hours together with games, recipes, jigsaws, puppets and much more! Fun for children and adults alike. Fuel your child's creativity, learn colours, reading skills, origami and even cooking.

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