Free Printable Activities

Oscar Mask

Would you like to go shopping with Alfie? Print out these PDF's for FREE and play the game's. Simply cut out the pieces and the shopping lists and choose how you'd like to play.

1-2 years: Find the fruit and vegetables       with Mummy or Daddy's help.

2-4 years: Match the colours to the right shopping list.

4-6 years: Read the words on the shopping lists to find the items.

Very Good Readers (multiple players): Turn all the pieces over and take it in turns to collect everything on your list. First to get them all WINS!

Are you sometimes as naughty as Oscar? Click to download this FREE PDF to print out and make your own Oscar mask (with the help of a grown up). All you will need are some scissors and some string or elastic (and maybe just a little bit of cheekiness).

Shopping with Alfie Game

Match the socks

Print out this FREE PDF and cut out all the socks. You can match them just like that, laminate them and add velcro or even make a washing machine out of a cardboard box and peg them on the line first! The possibilities are endless.

Decorate a box

Alfie and Oscar went to the moon and even made a train out of their boxes, but what could you make? Use your imagination or print out these FREE PDF's to make your empty boxes into windmills, creatures or even your very own Oscar. Do you have enough boxes to make a village?

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